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What is Anima DSA?

Anima DSA (Design System Automation) is a workflow that connects your component library in code with Figma, enabling you to create and manage a single source of truth for your design system.

Anima DSA


  1. Create a mutual language between designers and developers
  2. Create pull requests from Figma
  3. Pull changes from code to Figma
  4. Build new designs using your existing components

Managing components

Anima DSA enables design system teams to integrate their live code components, including all existing variants, into their current design tools through Storybook. They have the option to import either an individual component's story, which encompasses the component and its variants, or an entire Storybook library with just a single click. This functionality allows them to visualize precisely what their users will see during the design process.

Managing design tokens

Anima DSA allows design system teams to push and pull style changes directly from Figma to GitHub (and vice versa), eliminating the tedious ping-pong, pushing pixels or fighting with colors.