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What is Storybook

Storybook is a great tool used to build UI components in isolation. To learn more about Storybook, please visit Storybook docs.


We love to refer to Storybook as the closest representation of our production components. It is an interactive directory of your UI components and their variants.

What is a story

A story is an additional file we add to a component, that defines the different render states it can have. (it’s a function that returns a component’s state given a set of arguments).

*Note: The Story file lives alongside the component file and doesn't affect your component itself.


  1. We can have in our library components for Avatar, Badge, Button, Card.
  2. Each component will have a story that represent it.

What are controls (Args)

For each component, we can add a set of arguments that define how the component should render.


You do not need to modify your underlying component code to use args.


A Button component can have different controls:

  1. Variant: Primary, secondary, tertiary
  2. Size: sm, md
  3. Squared: True/False
  4. Border: True/False

These conrols will define all the possible combinations of the Button component, which in this case would be 24 (322*2). (Primary-sm-squared-withBorder, Primary-md-squared-withBorder..)


What is a Storybook?

The collection of all of your components' stories - is your Storybook.

button-story-controls-demo (2)

This asset was taken from Storybook docs. Visit the Storybook website for more information