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Tokens management - overview

Seamlessly integrating Figma and code.

With Anima DSA, design system teams gain full control over their design tokens, allowing designers to dictate how things look in production while relieving developers of the burden of pixel-pushing and design iterations.



Designers using Anima DSA can effortlessly manage design tokens within Figma.

  • They have the flexibility to pull tokens from the codebase into Figma, ensuring that their design decisions align with the actual implementation.
  • By editing design tokens directly in Figma, designers can fine-tune and iterate on the visual aspects of their designs, all while having a real-time preview of how these changes impact the final product.


With Anima DSA, developers no longer need to waste time going back and forth with designers, playing the ping pong of design iterations.

  • Design token updates made in Figma can be automatically synced with the codebase through pull requests
  • Ensuring that developers have access to the latest design styles and avoiding the risk of discrepancies between design and implementation.

The real magic - uniting design tokens and components

By managing your component library with Anima DSA, every change made to design tokens has a cascading effect, automatically updating all components across the codebase and Figma. This synchronization ensures consistency, accuracy, and efficiency throughout the design-to-development process, enabling designers to have greater control over the final product and developers to focus on writing robust code.